Codeship Ranked as Top 5 Continuous Integration Vendor by Forrester

Ranking as a Top 5 vendor in Forrester’s Wave™ Report on Continuous Integration Tools, Sigma Prime Portfolio company Codeship recently outclassed competitors like IBM, Atlassian, and JetBrains.

“Codeship sees the future, and it’s Docker.”, cites Forrester.

Continuous Integration solutions enable organizations and their software teams to bring products to market faster by automating the build and delivery process, which can deliver software from an engineer’s computer to production servers in mere minutes as opposed to a few months. Modern CI services like Codeship integrate with DevOps tools to help test and deploy software end-to-end.

“Organizations opting for Continuous Integration tools are benefitting from automation and the repeatable processes CI tools afford them. We are thrilled that Forrester recognizes Codeship as one of the most modern Continuous Integration tools available today.”, says Manuel Weiss, co-founder and VP Marketing at Codeship, who summarized the report’s key findings and Codeship’s ranking in this blog post on the official Codeship blog.

Forrester mentions having a comprehensive, future-oriented CI product, significant interest from their user clients (in the form of survey responses, inquiries and other input), and having at least 25 pay enterprise clients as some of the main criteria that allowed Continuous Integration vendors to be included in their report.

Should you be interested to read the complete report you can download it on the Codeship homepage:: Forrester Wave Continuous Integration Report